Information on Modifications for Panasonic Q SL-GC10-S

It's over 20 years since we developed our modification kit for the Panasonic Q and more than 15 years since we discontinued it.

We are still being asked about it to this day so we have decided to produce this information page.

PLEASE NOTE : Modifying a Panasonic Q takes a great deal of skill and patience.

We recommend watching this video so that you have an idea of the difficulty.



The information is provided without warranty, it's based on notes we made many years ago, please DO NOT contact us to ask questions about this.

If you have further information to add or feel anything is inaccurate please email ( this email address will be deleted if abused ) 


We will be covering two separate modifications on this page, the game modification to switch between playing JPN/USA games and also the DVD modification.


Game Modification

The game modification requires the most disassembly of the unit but the actual fitting of the chip is quite straight forward.

To enter USA Game mode you must hold the power key on the front panel for 3 seconds as you power the unit on.

The chip must be connected to 3 points on the front panel and 1 point on the Gamecube board as shown.

You could of course simply add a switch to the unit to bridge the points for R6 as explained in the video above instead!


DVD Modification

Now it gets a little bit complicated.

The DVD side of the Panasonic Q is designed for Japan only, it will only play Region 2 DVDs with NTSC format.

This makes it pretty useless for anyone in Europe (R2 PAL) or the USA (R1 NTSC)

You can make it play DVDs from all NTSC regions using a PANASONIC SERVICE DISC 2 but the unit will still be unable to play PAL DVDs.


It's important to note that you need the remote control in order to use the service disc.

Someone is selling copies of the service disc and the remote on the link HERE

Use the link above at your own risk. I have not verified the seller.


The instructions with the disc from that supplier say to enter 3192.

If you enter 3193 instead this will also disable Macrovision (Copy protection)


Now we turn our attention to the PAL Modification to make the unit truly DVD Multiregion.

It's important to understand that you must first make the unit Multiregion with the service disc before doing the PAL Modification.


In order to allow PAL playback you need to add an extra RAM chip, 6 x 100nf Capacitors, a link and a Modification Chip.


There is some confusion about whether the Capacitors must be 180nf or 100nf - We can confirm that 100nf (0.1uf) are suitable.



The DVD Modification chip attaches to the C04 chip with 4 wires as shown above.

If your unit has had Macrovision disabled you must also configure the modification chip by joining pin 7 and pin 8 together. 

If you are unsure about Macrovision you can try both ways, with the chip incorrectly configured no DVDs will play.

The picture below (from a forum) shows the Modification Chip fitted (badly) inside a Panasonic Q

The chip should be secured and insulated but as you can see it is configured for Macrovision disabled ( 7 and 8 joined )

NOTE : If Macrovision is enabled then Pin 7 of the DVD Modification chip should not be connected, only Pin 8 connects to the C04 Chip.



So that's it, that's how to Enable PAL DVD playback on a Panasonic Service Disc 2 modified Panasonic Q 

It also enables MP3 playback from CDR as a bonus.


Now you will need to source the parts.


The capacitors used for the kit were Farnell Part No 419-675 ( Obsolete now but alternatives are listed on the link HERE )

For the additional RAM chip it's best to check what is fitted inside your unit and try to buy one from the same Manufacturer.

There can be some compatibility issues when mixing different manufacturer's RAM. 

We have seen this cause corruption of the OSD.

 This was cured when we replaced the original RAM chip with one of the same type.

For this reason it's probably best to order 2 of the same type.

Our notes from 2002 say that the following RAM chips are compatible. 

OKI M56V16160 
ELITE M12L16161A

This is for guidance only - do your own research and ensure you are buying the correct chip package.

If you find a reliable source for the RAM please email a link to  (after you have tested it) and we will post it here.

** Update 08/02/23 RAM Tested by a customer **

Due to continued demand we have decided to make the Game Modification Chip and the DVD Modification Chip available for purchase.

All we will supply is the 2 x Modification chips marked G for the Game Modification Chip and D for the DVD Modification chip.

We will not supply the chips individually, they are only available as a pair.

You must purchase all the other items yourself from other suppliers.

The chips will be sent by Royal Mail First Class Post within the UK and Regular Airmail for the rest of the world.

Delivery outside the UK is expected to take from 2 to 6 weeks and you may have local taxes or duties to pay on the package. 

The price is 30 for both chips including postage.


We cannot stress this enough, performing these upgrades successfully is beyond the capability of most people.